03 November 2009

Bedtime Conversation...

ME to Erin: "Time for bed. Go get into your pajamas and brush your teeth."
Erin: "But I'm not tired. It's not a school night. I don't want to go to bed."

ME: "It's already way past your bedtime, it's time to go to sleep."
Erin heads over to Daddy because Mommy wants to send her to bed. She starts hugging him.
Erin: "It's not fair Daddy. I don't want to go to bed."
Husband hugs her and rubs her back.
Husband to Erin: "You're absolutely right. I think you should really show Mommy how you feel about this. Just lay down and don't do anything. You really need to use the passive resistance option. Just be really quiet and don't move.... and since you'll probably be doing it for a while you might as well be really confortable, so you might as well lie on your bed."

**blink, blink**
Erin: "Hey, wait a minute... I'm not stupid you know."

Husband: "I know you're not. I was absolutely sure you would figure it out because I KNOW you are really smart!"

QOTD: "Children from the age of five to ten should watch more television. Television depicts adults as rotten SOB's, given to fistfights, gun play, and other mayhem. Kids who believe this about grownups aren't likely to argue about bedtime." P. J. O'Rourke (1947-) American Political Commentator, Journalist, Writer and Humorist
(Originally published 4 Mar 2007)

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