23 November 2009

The Cat's New Clothes...

Rachel, "Mom? Can I borrow the stuffed cat I made for you?"

Me, "Sure. Will I get him back?"

Rachel, "Yes, I just want to make him some clothes."

Rachel, "Here you go Mom. Doesn't his straight-jacket look great?"

I kid you not. Rachel made my stuffed cat a straight-jacket! HEH! If I can get Danielle to take a picture, I will post it later. She did a GREAT job with it and he looks great....wonder if this is a new fashion trend or one that only applies to OUR family?

UPDATE: Rachel took this picture of Traveling Bear 'inspecting' the Cat's New Clothes....
QOTD: "Physics is imagination in a straight jacket." John Moffat


  1. What?!? No horn warmers for the cat?

  2. Roses - I.Have.Got.To.Get.A.Picture.Of.Rachel.In.Her.Horn.Warmers! She's been very resistant to the idea. :(

    Tootie - Welcome to my life. :)


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