09 November 2011

How Do You Count Your Blessings...

Last night while I was getting ready to pay homage to my cloud-like pillow (We have a strictly platonic relationship...  If you must know, my husband's pillow and mine have been dating for about three months now. I think they might be really serious about each other. I just love weddings. Don't you?), I discovered I could multitask. I can count sheep and blessings at the same time!  (I still haven't mastered that walk and chew gum thing but that is surely just around the corner? Right?) There I was, waiting for the pain medication to kick in when I suddenly realized my mental list of blessings were being carried away by sheep.  With golden tattoos.  And sometimes a hoof ring. (Or is that foot ring for a sheep?)

I had just laid down and closed my eyes and started to name my blessings in my mind.  My husband and I had recently talked about counting our blessings every day, because it really has been a stressful year.  We really need to work at not looking at the everyday things that can and do go wrong.  Just let 'em go.  Hold on to the little things going right.  Truthfully? Last night I was thinking to myself that this is a list. I hate lists. They' sometimes feel like they're never ending... Not THIS list, of course, because I'm truly grateful for my family and the time that I've been given with them.

So by now you can tell I'm in a pretty serious frame of mind.  You know.  Serious.  Spelled SERIOUS completely in capital letters, bolded, underlined and even italicized kind of serious...  When out of the blue, a huge, happy, contented sheep with a golden number 1 tattooed on his side appeared. The wool had been neatly sheared to show the golden tattoo of the number '1' beneath where the wool would have been.  He led an infinite line of sheep.  All in order. (obviously not my kids) Each one complete with their golden tattoos on their jolly, fat, fluffy sides (just like Charmin!) waiting for their turn (definitely not my kids) to jump over this beautifully, perfectly built, white picket fence.  There were beautifully blooming flowers growing everywhere I looked (obviously, I am NOT the gardener here).  I looked at number one again and I can now see he's got a big, fat ruby nose ring. He jumps over the fence. Numbers 2, 3 & 4 jumping around him and they wandered off to wherever sheep hang out, I guess..  I wanted to ask them who their personal trainer was because I seriously want energy like THAT. Each of them the same and yet different just jumping for joy.

I can't wait to see what the tattoo will look like when it starts to wrap around it's body? The anticipation is really killing me!!!


  1. I like sheep, except when they stare at you. That blank, quiet, "I'm thinking about stomping you down and eating your liver" stare.
    I'm not sure a tattoo would make them less scary, but at least I'd have something nice to look at whilst I was being main course.

  2. LeeAnn - OMG I have to stop laughing long enough to send you my sincere sincere sympathies for any mental anguish I may have caused...

  3. Everyone needs their own LeeAnn to keep things in a different focus...that would be a blessing.

  4. I'm still laughing at poor LeeAnn's comment... Mrs Who, you are absolutely right!

  5. I love the idea of counting blessings to get to sleep... I wonder if I have enough to count into double digits? /pessimist

  6. wRitErsbLock - No. You're and optimist in sheep's clothing.


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