16 November 2009

Inspiring And Thought Provoking...

WARNING: Tear Jerker Post... Tissues May Be Required...

There are times when I read a post and the feelings it invokes are so profound that I have to stop and wonder if it TRULY was a coincidence that I read it at that particular time. Or, perhaps, was it meant to be a message or reminder to me to remember that despite everyday problems, there are truly inspiring things going on every day if only you open your eyes determined to see them. Determined to DO inspiring things which is often simply choosing to do the RIGHT thing.

Today, I not only had one post that hit me hard, it was followed immediately by another. (Honest, God, I don't need another slap upside the back of my head to get the message.... I promise.)

Both of these posts started out somewhat innocuously. By the end, they both packed a serious punch.

I must gratefully thank Brat of Tanker Brothers for linking to one of the most inspiring posts I have read in a long time by CJ at the VA Mortgage Center Blog entitled "Is Chivalry Dead?" Amazingly, CJ begins this post with a verbal snapshot about showing courtesy to a WWII veteran but goes on to describe, in all it's technicolor glory, a verbal vision of an amazing life version of 'Pay It Forward'... an article by Roger Dean Kiser entitled "The World. It Is A Changin." You should go read the whole thing but I wanted to post the final snippet from it...

"I don’t write this because I want/need a pat on the back. My purpose in sharing this experience is that you’ll be motivated to find someone you can go out of your way to help, whether or not they ask for it. It’s also to make you aware that there are people out there we don’t know with a history we’ve never heard. One simple act of kindness may be the only thing holding that person together when their personal life is trying to tear them apart."
The other post was by Eric over at Straight White Guy. A thought provoking post about how an old photograph finally has a chance to tell it's story.
"… and that is when my original curiosity – that had morphed into a laughable attempt to catch my Father (and fellow Marine) in a uniform hiccup slowly led to the realization of what I was really looking at..."
Thank you again, Eric, for sharing the picture's story. It made me wonder if any of the old pictures I have, still yearn to tell their stories.
QOTD: "We do not remember days; we remember moments." Cesare Pavese - The Burning Brand
(Originally posted 2 Sept 2007)

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