04 February 2013

Promotion Management Committee Proposal...

I can't help posting this.  I have been reading my old blog files and it just seems so appropriate for the current job climate...  It is also kind of odd to realize that this post is looking at past political history.  Someone please, either tell me I really am not getting older, or bring me some chocolate... 

John, my best friend Kelly's husband, was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Project Management at work this week and I broke the good news to my family at the dinner table.
Rachel, "Does this mean he's second in line only to the Vice President?"

Me "I believe so."

Danielle, "So all we need to do is take out the Vice President so that he can take his place..."
Husband, "Sure, just start with Cheney and work your way down."
**Blink, blink**

What? [I think I need to reassure readers that they are just joking before someone reports us to child welfare for raising blood-thirsty little heathens...] Exhaustion has been dogging my footsteps all day and I missed the link in conversation at first until I realized that Dick Cheney is the VICE PRESIDENT.... just not the Vice President who is John's boss... But the kids picked it up and ran with it...
Danielle, "We can invite John's boss to go hunting. Don't move Mr. Vice President. There is a deer right behind you."

Husband, "Duck, Duck, Goose..."

Rachel, "Deer hunting, not duck hunting, but you're right, we have to make it look like a hunting accident..."
**Roll of eyes** And here I thought that the kids were blissfully oblivious to the political scene...

As for John... Congratulations!!! Just wanted you to know that your promotion management committee is already hard at work for you in planning your next raise in stature... (and wanted to warn you to decline any invitations to go hunting with your boss...)

QOTD: "This job is only a test, had it been an actual job, you would have received raises, bonuses and promotions." Unknown
(Originally posted 13 Mar 2007) 

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