08 December 2009

Feminist Subversive Activities...

First off I want to say that I love my husband and he is not only my best friend but one of the most honorable men I know. That said, he is also human....and a man. Although laughter will often follow where ever he goes, flowers do not grow instantly where he treads, harps do not play music when he enters a room and the universe does not generally stop to make sure he remains centered. In other words...he has his moments. It is inevitable....it is the testosterone poisoning...


This morning my husband made himself an egg sandwich for breakfast, complete with *real* bacon. He had drill this weekend and I got to hear an earful about what he calls "Feminist Subversive Activities." Now to give you a little background here, there are no women (at the moment) in the shop where he works. So the guys are pretty free to be..... well ..... guys!

Discussion this weekend included the bacon issue. My husband was glad to hear he was not the only one fending off the "Feminist Subversive Activities" at home. **Roll of eyes** From this conversation, I also gathered that many of the other gentlemen (and I use this term very loosely) in attendance have said they have had to put their foot down about what kind of meat is allowed in the house. They have also put their foot down on a number of other subjects concerning the home front. I wonder if any of these wonderful specimens of manhood are sleeping on the couch?

I did not let my husband draw me into another discussion about this. It was never my intention to raise such a sensitive issue. "Feminist Subversive Activities"..... ppppfffftttt! I only wanted to make sure my man (and family) were eating well. I was concerned for his health, and now I can't cook breakfast without the comments flying. I can't bring up the subject of any pork products without his list of reasons why I shouldn't 'dis' the pig.

Well his cholesterol level is high and he is on medication to help bring it down.  It is a severe genetic problem on his side of the family so I've been trying really hard to make healthy meals.

Enough already. I don't have to worry about his health any longer because I already know HOW he is going to die and I even know WHEN if he doesn't stop with the whining and complaining!  You'd think I was cutting off his beer supply or possibly his access to baseball games...
QOTD: “Always be yourself... unless you suck.” Joss Whedon (1964-) American Screenwriter, Producer and Creator of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also known for Toy Story, Alien Resurrection, and Angel, Firefly and Doll House
 (Originally posted January 2007)

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