27 January 2010

From The Dinner Table...

I truly wish I'd had a camera to capture the facial expressions on Danielle's and my husband's faces during this conversation.  Danielle looked so horrified while her father did his best, "I don't understand why this should bother you." face.
Danielle, "Ewwww!  This has mushrooms in it!" (Ok.  It's been a while since I put mushrooms in the sauce but I've never gotten a complaint til now...)

Her Father, "Well it IS spaghetti.  Don't you like mushrooms?"
Danielle, "YUCK!!!"
Her Father, almost militant in his questioning, "What have you got against mushrooms?"

Danielle, "It's a FUNGUS!"
Her Father, with an outraged expression on his face, "WHAT? Are you a funguphobe?"
Me, Heh!
QOTD: "Life is too short to stuff a mushroom." Unknown Author


  1. ha! Funguphobe. I might steal that one. I am a proud and self-confessed funguphobe. Ewww. Ick. Bleh.

    Sorry, just had to get that out of my system..

  2. mmmmm. I love mushrooms!

    And "Funguphobe" made me laugh out loud!

  3. I love mushrooms in almost anything I could put it in. I also like to cook with garlic and onions in everything. I know - weirdo, huh??



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