18 February 2010

Motivation And Job Descriptions... Or Not...

Have I mentioned the happiness that comes from threatening your teenager with a tall, cold glass of ice water poured all over her if she doesn’t stop whining and get out of bed? She can hear the ice tumbling into the glass from the ice maker from her bedroom. By time I have made it down the hall to her room this morning, she was armed with a flashlight. But at least she was fully awake….
Nicole and I got on the subject of job descriptions this morning.  We talked about how difficult some jobs were. She then told me about two of her friends who worked at a couple different local grocery stores as cashiers.

One told her there was a lady who came in every day with a gas mask on saying over and over, “The pesticides are coming, the pesticides are coming, they are everywhere!”

OKAAAAY I thought. That might be a little difficult to ignore. 

Another of her friends who was a cashier would work in the express lane and she wished she could only ring up the amount of items listed as the limit, then tell the customer that they would have to go back to the end of the line if they wanted the rest of the items. 

Hmmmm. I can see that one from all three perspectives: 
1. The customer – how embarrassing, how frustrating (am I glad I never do this!) 

2. The cashier – how satisfying (until you get fired) 

3. The customers standing in line behind the first customer“HOORAY! YOU GO GIRL!!!” :o)
QOTD:  "I have all the money I need... if I die before 4 o'clock." ~Henny Youngman (1906-1998) British-born Comedian and Violinist

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  1. my mom used to throw Ice Water on me too when I was a teenager [a hundred years ago] and never got up in the morning!


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