19 February 2010

A Perfectly Good Description...

QOTD:  "There cannot be a crisis next week.  My schedule is already full."  Henry Kissinger


  1. Both can be applied to our house at the moment.

  2. One good visit desoives anuddah.

    As to crisis (mis)management, I long ago adopted a marketing ploy from wine maker Paul Masson ("I will allow no wine before its time"), and regularly use it at work and in what's left of my personal life: "I will allow no crisis before it's time, and until I'm off (or outta here), it AIN'T TIME".

    It sorta works..sometimes..kinda..

  3. ughhhh, it was one of those kind of weeks around here, too.

    Next week will be better!

  4. This past week was CRAZY over here too.

  5. hope things are looking up these days?

  6. Farmwifetwo - It must be something in the air.

    Skunkfeathers - I really like that line and am waiting to use it on the kids. The only problem will be having to explain the sarcasm. (Which really takes the fun out of sarcasm sometimes...)

    Dutchgirl - I am still waiting. Of course, now I'm waiting whilst stuck in bed with a really bad cold...

    Meleah Rebeccah - OK. I want to know who's been dumping the grumpy dust into the atmosphere. Step forward and take your punishment like a man... oh wait... that's right... they don't ask for directions either. :)

    Hopefully last week has finally escaped into the past for everyone. As for me, I'm just blissfully coughing and hacking my way into the future...


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