29 April 2010

Conversations From The Dinner Table...

I had posted the following several years ago and it is pretty amusing in hindsight especially since our daughter Nicole is now in College. And no, she did not go to either school she described...  :o)
Rachel, "Mom, what did you do today without us getting in your hair?"

Nicole, "She was probably happily plotting our demise so she could extend the quiet time."

Me, "Nah, I wasn't plotting your demise... I was concocting new ways to torture you. Much more satisfying by drawing out the anticipation."
Me "Well, you did ask! What? You really didn't want to know?"
Why do kids do that?

After finally getting on with dinner and the usual questioning of how their day went in school, what homework they had, what activities do we need to schedule and budget for... our eldest daughter relayed a conversation she'd had with a friend of hers about college students.

Her facial expressions, tone and delivery were hilarious but since I did not have the foresight to record our dinner conversation (something I have often thought about doing for future comic relief) I will just have to give you the script version.

So that this will make sense, I will tell you that we live near a state university and five colleges. BIG University and Colleges. So the breed of college student thoroughly saturates the local population. There are two schools in particular that were discussed. For the purpose of this conversation, we'll call them University and College A.

The University just dropped out of the top ten PARTY Universities in the country. (after the University kicked out a bunch of fraternities) College A is an expensive and exclusive private college.

Nicole, "Do you know how you can tell the difference between University and College A students when they go to the Campus Bookstore?"

My husband, "Their sweatshirts?"

Nicole, "My friend who works at the bookstore says that when a University student comes in looking for a Psychology textbook and is told that they are in the basement of the building, the student hollers 'WOO HOO, University in the basement!' and they go down where there are a bunch of other University students and it immediately looks like they are having a party.'"

College A student comes in and says (in a young, scared, very whiny voice) "I've lost my syllabus. Do you have my syllabus? I don't know what book I need. (voice becoming progressively more panicked) Do you know what book I need? (thoroughly panicked) I can't find it and there are only six more days till class begins!"

"Meanwhile, in the basement, the University students have quickly selected their books so they can move the party to a more appropriate location."
QOTD: "Of course there's a lot of knowledge in Universities: the Freshmen bring a little in; the Seniors don't take much away, so knowledge sort of accumulates...." Dr. A. Lawrence Lowell

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  1. I always enjoy your family conversations and the quote at the bottom is priceless!


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