30 April 2010

Warning Signs...

Why our bathroom requires warning signs like this that say, "We can not allow you to use the bathroom!" (It was taken at the American Embassy in Tokyo)

Why is it that the smallest and most delicate of my children and their father are able to clear any space imaginable of any kind of life form?  They look so angelic.  How is it possible that the air in our bathroom, after their use, could make an excellent weapon of mass destruction if it were bottled?  I'm actually considering issuing gas masks for the rest of us.  If only I could patent it.

Now, that is not to say that any of the rest of the house is not capable of such feats on occasion, but not to the extent of having to evacuate the entire house.  We have one daughter, who shall remain nameless, who is not allowed to eat beans at any time but especially when we will be cooped up in a vehicle or other small space.  Even in the dead of winter, it requires all windows wide open to help dissipate the most execrably malodorous stench known to mankind.  My belief is that it is better to freeze to death than to die of asphyxiation.

Why is it that they can stand their own flatulence?

Oh, and one more question... Why is it that the poor dears have to have Alzheimer's to boot.  They must have because more often than not they forget to turn on the bathroom fan. As if they don't have enough of a handicap in being able to produce such an odor, they (and everyone else) gets the added bonus of their absence of memory.  It's sad, really...  Please pray for them (and the rest of us).
Note: I normally have my quote of the day in this spot but today I want to send you to the site in which I got the bathroom warning sign because I am contemplating having a few of these made up for our house...  10 Hilarious Bathroom Signs


  1. I hope you checked out the other signs in the link because some of them are pretty funny.


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