18 May 2010

Exercise Can Kill Ya...

It was just another day yesterday of playing chauffeur for the kids.  I had picked up the middle three kids from the High School and were taking them home when Nina asked if we could get memberships to Planet Fitness.  Now I'm all for being fit and healthy, in fact I am seriously thinking of taking up kickboxing.  Rachel, however, had another idea for getting fit.  (I swear that girl could give Stephen King a run for his money if she ever decided to become an author!)  
Her suggestion was to start the workout regimen of a serial killer.  Her reasoning was that they must get quite a workout.  Rachel, "Dig that hole!  That's right, put your back into it!"
Danielle, "Hey, that idea has promise.  20 lunging stabs.  20 neck twists watching for the police.  Hey, lift those bodies with your  knees, not your back!"
(And yes Rachel was also the child who came up with the idea that Santa Clause should be arrested for breaking and entering, stalking and animal abuse...)  Believe me the conversation got a lot more detailed with Rachel, Danielle and Nina all helping to fine tune the workout.  I'm kind of embarrassed to say that it was hysterical in a sick, morbid kind of way.  Kind of like gallows humor only with the Lemon Stand's family brand of wit.  Personally, I'm just glad it wasn't initially a conversation for the dinner table. (I don't know why the kids are suddenly taking such an interest in working out.  You'd think they'd get enough exercise with all the running off of their mouths and with all the luck they push...)
I suppose it shouldn't come as any surprise though considering that my family (minus yours truly) used dead bodies as a unit of measure when observing the trunk space of my new car.  Some days I truly wonder if I am the only sane person in my family.  I feel like I am reliving 'The Munsters' television reruns of my youth.  In most families, it's the kids who need therapy from growing up with their parents... not the other way around.  I guess I am just blessed with a family that thinks 'outside the box'.  (Or maybe I should make that 'inside the box'?)  Still... I can't say there is ever a dull moment around my house.  I should know because I'm always looking for a dull moment in which to rest.  I believe the Chinese had a curse that went something like, "May you live in interesting times."
QOTD: "It is remarkable how one's wits are sharpened by exercise." ~ Pliny, the Younger [It's obvious that good ole Pliny never met my kids]

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  1. Oh, I just love the sense of humor that runs in your family!!


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