17 May 2010

So, What Kind Of Day Are You Having?

I just had a friend of mine ask me why I was whining.  Why wasn't I looking at my day more positively?  Ahem.  Probably because I feel like almost everyone I have come in contact with so far today needs to be gagged, hogtied and taken out behind the proverbial barn.  What ever happened to plain common courtesy?  And by the way... my name is NOT Dude!  Nor is it Sweetie or Babe to anyone but my husband and even he doesn't call me Babe all that often and Sweetie never has and never will pass his lips!  Normally, I try to just let this all go but when more than a few people, on the same day, are being deliberately rude and mean, it just plain makes me spitting mad and kick starts my stubborn gene..
I'm working on it.... truly I am, but it's just like a reflexive action and it sometimes takes me a while to realize what I have done.  I let them win.  I let them get my goat.  (and I happen to really like my goat, I'll have you know!)
OK.  My friend is right.  I need to get my zen back.  Even if what I really want to do is go back and rip the head off my goat stealer and shove it right up his or her .... er... um... well, where the sun doesn't shine... (Believe me, you really don't want to know what my real description was.  I've discovered late in my life that I should have been born a sailor although I'm sure I could even make them blush!  But my kids sometimes read my blog so I'll just keep it PG because their father has taught them enough bad words)
So as much as I want to dismember my fellow man, I will try to take my own advice.  Advice that I have shared before (I think?  Huh, maybe not...) but it bares repeating (if I have) since it seems as though I am not the only one having a rough time today.  Perhaps the aforesaid people I mentioned?  Hey, they might be suffering from having a brainectomy?  (You never know.  It could happen.)  So here we go...
Repeat after me, "Today is a GREAT day! The three best things that have happened to me, I have seen, heard, read or that I did for someone else just to see them smile are [fill in the blank]." (No matter how long it takes to come up with three positive things today, I am determined to make my day and the day of the people who will come in contact with me, a better one!)
To turn the day around, all the experts on this kind of thing say that all I (and you) need to do is the above exercise and not give anyone permission to get you down, make you angry or upset. Accept what they are saying/doing. Try to analyze the TRUE reason for their action/words. (perhaps they are Professor Umbridge in disguise? no, no, no... I'm not suppose to go there...) Let's see, I'm suppose to try and walk in their shoes because everyone has a story and set of problems. You may find out the family pet just died.... in a most horrific manner.
If this doesn't work and all else fails, then imagine them wearing your grandmother's under-drawers.  (and if you're really desperate you can imagine them wearing such attire... just before wash day!) :o) Does everyone understand this? Nod your head. OoooooKaaaaayyy! So, what kind of day are you having?
(PS Just so you know... I went all the way to my Grandmother's under-drawers on this one...)
QOTD: "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort." ~ Herm Albright (1876 - 1944) 


  1. Not bad.

    1. I need to sleep better... bp's probably out of wack... advoid Dr....

    2. Went on the bus with 2 classes of 8/9yr old's to the pool today. Will repeat Wed and Fri. Finally had to split up the 3-some behind me... before they got in trouble with the teachers on the way home. They just needed their lunch and a chance to thump each other on the playground not the back of the bus.

    3. Done some errands and off to the library in a moment...

    Overall... still going in reverse... but I did get my meeting for Fri afternoon... Then little boys stuff is finally OFFICIAL!!! and we're off to a new school next year.


  2. Lemon Stand - I love my boxing classes.

    I'm just sayin'. :)

    It does make my personality much more attractive when I get to hit things six days a week.

  3. farmwifetwo - I am so happy for your son! He must be so excited!

    AFW - I'll have you know my keyboard has now been decorated with my beverage... Luckily it was water and most of it went up my nose, thank you very much! Still, it was worth it.

    "It does make my personality much more attractive when I get to hit things six days a week."

    Now why didn't I think of that? I'm am sooooo going to look into it! :o) (although that might make it tempting to use but I'll take the risk!)

  4. Somedays, whining does help you feel better. Just dont get stuck in that mode! Maybe you can find a psychical activity to release your stress?


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