03 May 2010

How Do I Love Bacon? Oh, Let Me Count The Ways...

As usual, the dinner conversation was wonderful... but unfortunately, not bloggable. (At least not if I want to wake up with my eyebrows intact.)

So I was thinking of another family conversation from the dinner table a few years ago. To set the stage, so to speak, I must tell you that we had Mexican Hamburger Helper made with ground turkey. Yes, even I can sink to feeding my family this every once in a great while. Anyway, we were discussing the possible types of 'Helper' meals out there...
Nicole, "They should make a Bacon Helper"
My husband's eye's lit up and he got this dreamy look on his face, "Wow, just imagine TWO pounds of crumbled bacon!"
Danielle, "What would you put with it?"
My husband, "What else is needed to achieve nirvana?"
This is obviously a rhetorical question from the look on his face.
Me, "I may be tired, but I am not dead yet so don't even think about it. Unless, maybe, it's turkey bacon."
My husband, "You really know how to kill a man's dreams, you know that?"
Me,"Well, make a list of what you really want at the grocery store, that won't kill you, I reserve that right for myself, and I'll have Rachel help me after school tomorrow."
The next day, I took Rachel grocery shopping with me with the grocery list. I was tired and not feeling good and truly only wanted to go back to bed, so I let my daughter pretty much do most of the shopping.
We get to the register and get this really talkative cashier, "Wow, you did a lot of shopping."
I'm beginning to realize that my daughter had 'padded the cart' with stuff.

She and I are both watching the total increase at an alarming rate.
Cashier, "Wow, I think this is the biggest order I've had all day."
I looked at Rachel and she looked at me. Then we both pointed at each other and said, "It's her fault!"
Me, "Wait until we get home. I'm telling your father that it was your fault the grocery bill was so high!"
Rachel says, blissfully unconcerned, "Well, what does that make you look like? You let a twelve year old make the choices...."
Sigh, she's right. Guess I need to go back to shopping alone.
QOTD: "It's a good idea to 'shop around' before you settle on a doctor. Ask about the condition of his Mercedes. Ask about the competence of his mechanic. Don't be shy! After all, you're paying for it." Dave Barry (1947-) American Writer and Humorist

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