13 July 2010

Mazes And Letting Go...

I think I have mentioned on a few occasions that our daughter Rachel is a talented artist.  Just before school got out last month, she brought home one of her art class assignments and handed it to me and said that I could keep it if I wanted to.  It was a perspective drawing of a medieval maze.  She had work quite a while on this picture which was done with charcoal pencils.  After having smudged it in a few places just holding it to carry into the house and also to look at it, I decided I needed to get it into a frame before I caused any more damage.  Surprisingly, finding a frame was a lot more difficult than I originally had thought.  It took me about a week.  

Unless you look closely, you might miss a few of the details. Two of the clouds are shaped like a cat and a giraffe.  There is a glimpse of a medieval lady and the hat of her companion within the maze.  It's a wonderful scan but it still doesn't hold a candle to the original.

Not long after my daughter gave me the maze drawing, she made another drawing for my birthday.  Rachel, according to my husband, waited until the last minute (on my birthday apparently) and after going and buying a frame, she disappeared into her room for about fifteen minutes, drew the picture and then made it back to the kitchen before the cake was brought out.  It is very hard to decide which of the pictures she has drawn for me, that I like the best.  Since the girl releasing the balloon (my husband insists she looks like she is trying to catch it) is actually two separate pieces of paper, and the maze is way too large for a regular scanner, I took them to a print shop to have them scanned so that I can use them as backgrounds on my computer.  I now wish I had also taken the Alice in Wonderland drawings so I will have to go back.

Rachel did not name the picture "Letting Go".  I did.  The frame sits next to my bed and I often look at it when I am thinking deep Winnie the Pooh kind of thoughts and I found that no matter what the serious thought is, it seemed to keep saying to me, 'let it go'.   Hence the name.  Every time she makes me a drawing, I think that it's my most favorite and then I see the next one.  I can't seem to be able to pick my favorite anymore. 
QOTD:  "A good painting to me has always been like a friend.  It keeps me company, comforts and inspires." ~Hedy Lamarr


  1. Wow, that's some amazing art. Your daughter has a real talent!

  2. Wow. Your daughter is awesome.

  3. Thumper - I say the same thing. It's not just her drawing ability, it's the composition of the pictures that really get to me.

    Wiley - She is not sure she wants to pursue a degree in art but I sure hope she finds a job that allows her to doodle and draw to her hearts content.

    vwbug - We have some amazing artists on both sides of our family. My husband has an amazingly talented sister who DID get a degree in art. She made me a gift once, a long time ago that never fails to remind me that no matter what happens, I have what is truly important.

    My father was a cartoonist and was good enough to get a complete scholarship to the Boston College of Art but he said he looked at the lines of starving artists and went into the military instead.

  4. really love 'letting go'. . . . and I wish you many wonderful winnie-the-pooh ponderings as you look at it! I'll hope to see more of her work as you acquire it. Best wishes!


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