13 July 2010

Therapy For Childhood…

I know it seems as though I have not been posting often lately but it is a fact of life that when you have kids and summer comes around, everyone but the parents seem to have a vacation.  It’s not because there isn’t plenty to write about, it’s more a matter of finding the time to be able to type it out.  I must admit though, that there are more opportunities during the summer to give your children a need to have therapy as an adult than at most other times of the year.

Recently, while driving back from Rhode Island, my husband (whom I think may be genetically unable to let any opportunity pass when it comes to teasing any of the kids) had his moments of parental wit.

I will not post the reason he was teasing our daughter Rachel because he was lightly poking fun at something that she is uneasy about but I thought their short verbal tennis match was pretty amusing.
Rachel grumpily said to her father, “You really do not need to poke fun at things that creep me out.  You’ve already given me issues that I will need therapy for.”
Her father immediately volleys back with, “Well, I guess you now will have volumes.  Might as well get your money’s worth.”
There was a moment of silence before Erin said with a verbal ‘roll of the eyes’ kind of tone in her voice, “Daddy!  That’s not nice!”
My husband, “Congratulations Erin, you’re the only one who caught that zinger.”
I said (very dryly), “No, I think we all got it.  The rest of us are just ignoring you.”
Don’t you just hate it when your wit is unappreciated by your own family?


  1. Ahahahhahahaha! Your family cracks me up! I have been slacking on writing blogs and commenting too. I am blaming the heat/humidity on the fact that I cant concentrate!

  2. Baw hahahaha. Now that sounds just like my hubby. He drives me crazy when the kids ask him if 'can do something for them'. He always says 'yes' and just sits there waiting...

  3. In our family we frequently don't get each other's humor and mistake it for serious, completely inappropriate comment...Stubble is very sarcastic by nature and when I gasp at what he has said, he will say, "MOM! That was sarcasm, DUH!"
    Then there are the Bearded One's puns which cause much eyerolling and admonishments to "please stop doing that" - but it isn't possible because he learned punning from a true master, his mother.

  4. Meleah - I have decided that I am of the opinion that sunshine, goofing off with the kids and making mud pies trumps staying in the house.

    vwbug - I love to do the same thing to my kids when they use the word 'can'. I figure it is a parental right to be able to irritate your offspring as much (or more) than they irritate you. My goal in life is to raise it to an art form.

    Christie - ah yes, I do have much experience with sarcasm and puns but seriously, what would your life be like without it?


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