21 October 2010

Changes Coming To A Lemon Stand Near You...

Lately I have had readers using my comments to ask me to add them to my blog roll because they have added me to theirs.  I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who blog because they want a large following.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Having someone who felt your post was worthy of the time it takes to write a comment on your blog feels pretty great.  Knowing that you've made someone think, laugh, or connect with something you have written is inspiring.  So don't think I don't appreciate the written feedback.  I do. 

My blog, however, was never started, nor has it changed, in my reasoning for creating it.  I do this for me.  Changing lemons into lemonade is really not one of my strengths. I really have to work hard at it. My posts require that I look for something positive in my life every day so that I have something to write about.  It keeps me focused on actually looking for the silver lining.

To touch another person's life is such a special thing and I am grateful that some of my lemonade has made it to someone else's cup of life.  That they might have left my blog with a smile, laugh, insight or thought to ponder.  My blog is public for that reason but the bottom line is that I write as therapy for myself to help me get through my day.  Sometimes, through the next five minutes.

Any one who has read my blog with any kind of regularity knows that I have a large family so the time I have available for 'me' is very limited.  There are so many other blogs that I love to read because they have touched me with their writing.  I don't have nearly enough time to read their blogs daily so I often play catchup by reading all the posts I've missed since last I visited.  Adding new blogs to read is not within the realm of my ability.  I do go wandering when I get a few extra minutes but a blog really has to connect with me for me to wander there again because I can not add any more hours to a day.

So if you are adding me to your blog roll simply for me to reciprocate, I hope you will understand and respect my decision to politely decline.  When I find the time, my blog will be changing so that it loads faster (many in my family have blackberrys) and has a much reduced blog roll.  It is not because any of my current list is not worth visiting.  They are.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to give all of them the time they surely deserve and I have come to realize my own limitations in this.  

I want to be able to post every day.  I need that.  Especially during stressful times.   The Lemon Stand has helped me stayed grounded and if, along the way, I post something that someone else can relate to then that is icing on the cake.  I've thought long and hard about this.  I do not want to make this a private blog for that reason.  So please do not ask me to put you on my blog roll when commenting, because I'm not looking for quantity in readership.  I'm just trying to keep my small piece of the universe a little brighter.


  1. I'm here because you left a comment on my blog, and I'm always fascinated by how this medium creates communication between distant strangers.
    Links? I keep going to really interesting blogs, where I click on the links to get stuck in dreadfully boring stuff of no interes whatsoever to me.
    Or even worse, links to "404, page not found", or "This blog is now defunct" That's the downside of huge blogrolls.
    As for my own? There are a handful, and I generally say no to exchanges of bloglinks, I just can't see the point.
    Like you, I have no advertising, nothing whatever to sell, and I'd rather have a few witty and interesting visitors than ten thousand vapid drones.
    As for users with blackberries? I like mine in a pie, with some apple, a sugar sprinkle on the crust, and lots of cream.

  2. Thank you for dropping by. I sure liked visiting your virtual living room. :)

    I really, really AM trying to keep the roll pruned but anytime I go to Violins and Starships...

    BTW, you forgot the scoop of vanilla ice cream! And you're absolutely right. I love blackberry pie almost as much as spiced hot apple cider!

  3. Not sure if Blogger has it, but wordpress has a plugin that has done wonders for my blog. mippin dot com had their mippin mobilizer is nice.


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