21 November 2010

The Seven Dwarves Of PMS...

OK,  This was obviously meant for those unfortunate souls experiencing menopause.  I am not looking forward to menopause, despite anything my family might say to the contrary.  Anyway the rest of the descriptions fits our family perfectly so I'm posting it anyway with a small correction....


QOTD: "Do you know why they call it 'PMS'?  Because Mad Cow Disease was already taken."


  1. Makes one of us, it can start tomorrow and I'd be happy. If I didn't look forward to it I wouldn't be on 6wks of expensive (3x's/day = $316) hormones and then having surgery in a couple of weeks. Surgery, thankfully is covered by OHIP and I should be only out of commission a couple of days and Grandma's coming to help.

    Oh, this is by choice... I'm not ill, just not 100%.

  2. ahahahahahHAHHAhahahahahaHAHAhahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahah!!

    That was HYSTERICAL!!

  3. since I've been going through menopause for YEARS dammit... yes, this is all true. YES, I SAID TRUE! shit.


  4. FW2 - Better start buying cases of energy drinks for Grandma's survival... :)

    Meleah - Do you realize that you typed more 'H's then 'A's? Those poor 'A's probably feel discriminated against... I wonder if you can be sued by a letter of the alphabet? Just sayin'...

    LAW - I can so empathize, but look at it this way... in OUR house there are seven of us... (six women and one poor, lowly male) I know which dwarf I would want to be... I should take a poll... :)

  5. This post got me in deep dookie/hot water/whatever. I pinched the image, and posted it on my Facebook site.

    Girl, did my wife EVER come unglued. Seriously, it was a rough Sunday night. Seriously. Rough. Seriously.

    But, I still think it is hysterical.


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