20 November 2010

What Harry Potter, A Twit, A Nitwit, A Mouse and Tweety Bird Have In Common...

I'm probably the only one who feels silly using the Twitter social networking website, in part because of it's name. At first I was a little intimidated trying to figure out just how the messages were sent and received.  I figured out how to send, last night.  The receiving is still lost out in cyber space.  I'm sure it's operator error just like the sending issue, but my internet learning curve is now, at least, slightly bent upward from it's normally straight and horizontal position. 

I don't know why this is, but the word twit gives me a mental picture of someone who is socially challenged.  SOCIALLY.CHALLENGED.  I guess, as the name of a currently popular website, it works.  I don't know WHY it works, but there are more interesting mysteries in my life to solve than how Twitter could have given the Enigma Cypher Machine a run for it's money in cryptic communications.   And STILL I can't help thinking, "A great name for a SOCIAL networking site?" 

Probably because I have a prodigious number of offspring, I think my mind tends to wander in the same way as the children's book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie". So thinking of twit  whenever I read the word Twitter is not that far of a stretch, but I gotta tell you that my mind is now on a roll.   Thinking of twit makes me think of nitwit  which I guess is a more precise term of description (so I guess you could say that train of thought still hasn't left the station).  Obviously, I have not referenced a dictionary or Googled it anytime during these cogitations, but I've always thought of a nitwit as being someone who is not only socially challenged, but who also lives with a severe disadvantage because he only had his big toe dipped into the gene pool of common sense.

Since this whole thought process caused my mind to drift a little off from center, I made myself refocus on what I thought was bothering me about using Twitter. Since I want to pretend to make a proactive stand about this, I forced myself to start calling my Twitter message posts, tweets.  Apparently this is the correct form of address for such things.  Unfortunately for me, tweet also remind's me of Tweety Bird and although I have finally figured out how to tweet, I just can't seem to be able to consistently call my messages tweets.   Making tweet into a verb instead of an adjective or noun, can't seem to change how I look at this word.  The fact IS that whenever I see (or think) that word, I feel like what I'm really saying is, "Please, just paint me yellow, slap on some feathers then call Sylvester to tell him his dinner is ready."

Sigh.  I guess I may not be ready for this after all.  Unless... instead of tweetI called it "the message that must not be named?"


  1. Alternatively, you could say that you Twote something.

  2. Yeah, I've had a twitter account for a while now, and I am still not really sure how to use it properly!

  3. CGHill - Grrrroooooaaaannnnn! I hadn't thought of. Twote. It rhymes with quote. I'm sorry but I think I am just destined to call them 'the message that must not be named'.

    Meleah - I still have not figured out the receive thingy. It's a matter of pride now. I KNOW I am smarter that a Twit, Twitter, Tweet, and now Twote (groan again!)!

  4. Twote. I LOVE it. Thank you CGHill.


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