26 December 2010

The Fear Of Showing Your Horns And Tail When Visiting With Santa...

I was reminded recently how very seriously some kids take a visit with Santa Claus at this time of year... unless you are our daughter Rachel who fears no man who wears red...  

Every year there are always places that provide an opportunity for kids to meet Santa Claus, so they can tell him how good they have been the past year, and what they wish for on Christmas morning.  A chance for them to have a picture taken of this conversation with Santa Claus.

But what happens if your four year old child does not want to go visit Santa?  And what do you say to this child when you finally pry out of them the reason they do not want to see Santa... Could you keep a straight face when your child says, "Because then I'd have a lot of explaining to do?"

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am we only have daughters?


  1. "Because then I'd have a lot of explaining to do?"

    Nyuk! Thanks for the giggle, Lemon Stand...nyuk...

  2. But Santa is pretty good at understanding the 'explanations'...just like the 'Understanding Angel' in "The Littlest Angel"


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