23 December 2010

Surviving Parenthood Requires Experience And Wisdom...



"What is the most important lesson you've learned in life?"

"Learning to have good judgment."



"How did you learn to have GOOD judgment?"


"By using BAD judgment."

PS - Still no sign of the hidden treasure mentioned in previous post... now, if I could only remember what I did with that pirate flag... also in previous post... I wonder if there is a Pirates-R-Us and whether they have delivery service...


  1. I have an addendum to add to your answer.. One my eldest can't seem to get through his head and realize - middle school and up starting next year will not be fun if he doesn't soon. Although, I'm not certain that we're the only one's he gifts with the worst of the crap that spews out of his mouth. It's amazing how he finds his social skills in public when we're not around.

    "Using bad judgement and learning from it and then changing your behaviour accordingly the next time."

    How many days until they go back to school???

    So, if you find those presents, are you putting the back and still having a treasure hunt??

  2. Yep. Sometimes BAD decisions lead to very IMPORTANT life lessons.

    Happy Holidays!


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