18 March 2011

The Power Of Laughter, Family, Friends And A Water Gun Filled With Lemon Juice...

Igor My husband is in a lot of pain at the moment.  Pinched nerve in neck.  See Holding Down The Fort And No Happy Endings, then lather, rinse, repeat.  (Warning: Do not eat or drink while reading)  Nuff' said on that subject... well, no.  Maybe not.  We've been teasing him pretty hard about his hunched appearance and this did not help his irritation, frustation and pain yesterday as Erin and I dropped him off at work for a few hours.  We were going to shop while he took care of some paperwork.  Unfortunately, we discovered that I had left my wallet at home... about an hour away from the base.  So Erin texted her father to let him know the state of affairs...
"Having discovered our supply of coin of the realm having been left behind at home, we are setting a course to retrieve said treasure.  Once we liberate our gold from captivity, we shall be setting a new course for that place of goods worthy of exchanging pilfered plunder.  We shall, of course, exempt you from the next raiding party.  One of us must, after all, remain law abiding in case we need to make bail.  We promise to only pillage if bartering does not attain desired results."  ~ your loving pirates...

How to properly use Stress Reliever...
1. Make several copies
2. Tape to a wall in all rooms (never be to far away). 
3. Use until oblivion is achieved. 
4. Upon consciousness use aspirin. 
5. Repeat steps 1-4. 

One night at dinner, Morgan said to his wife, "I have to admit I'm feeling much better since my operation, but I can't figure out why I got this big bump on my head."
"Oh, that!" said his spouse. "In the middle of your operation they suddenly ran out of ether."


  1. LOL! Erin's message is just superb! And if I tried to text all that, my thumbs would fall off.

  2. I feel badly for laughing because your hubby's in pain - but this is too funny NOT to laugh!


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