02 March 2011

The Spell Checker Battle Lines Have Been Drawn...

One really must have standards.  Why?  Because the fall of civilization as we know it will become inevitable if we do not strive for sublimity of excellence.  That, and because I refuse to yield to a spell checker that is clearly inferior to my own intellect and spelling ability.  So when I awoke this morning, I told myself that today was going to be a great day even if it killed me!  The results were thus:

Today was an awesome day!  No.  Wednesday's egregiousness was immeasurable.  That unique and most effulgent day of the week, signaling once again the reprieve of unfavorable potential dreaded upon perceiving an illumination at the termination of the tunnel.  Wednesdays reassure mankind that phosphorescent glow unequivocally is not an oncoming train and thus hastening ye thitherwards to that golden ticket visitation of requiescence, however epigrammatic that might be, that you've so frantically toiled away in occupational drudgery all week for.  So today, thus far, has been a terrific, boss, zero-cool, way-out, groovy, far-out, solid, shiney, ripping, fiendishly magical kind of day. Particularly because, yet again, the spellchecker failed miserably.  It really gives one a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  (Now, if you have understood completely and in it's entirety the preceding paragraph, you may pass go and collect $200, otherwise your time in the educational slammer might need to be revisited, although acquiring a tome-like Thesaurus like mine or simply using Thesaurus.com to hide this very slight genetic flaw works like educational duct tape.  Because, let's face it, unless you are having a battle of wits with the witless... the internet is your oyster.)

You know what else?  Tomorrow is Thursday, so there is lots to look forward to.  Why, tomorrow, you might even be able to steal into the home plate of weekend a little early.  But if not?  You are still going to wake up tomorrow, look out your window and think, it's true! It's an absolutely pulchritudinous day!

And Friday?  Well, I need hardly describe the feeling that comes when Friday has finally arrived, do I?  Since I did all the work of describing the outlook conditions of attitude for the rest of the week thus far, and maybe if your brain feels like it might truly detonate, in the grandest of fashions, (which, by the way,  would defeat the whole purpose of this report) merely by being filled with all the wonderfulness that is this post, might I suggest looking in Thesaurus.com under 'wonderful'.  Really.  There are 59 different variations of meaning, a whole SIX pages dedicated describing a Friday. 

QOTD:  "I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow."  ~ Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)


  1. Technically, EVERY DAY is a GOOD day... I just think the rating system might be slightly off at times. I suspect making lemonade is a lifelong endeavor and some days it's hand squeezed while other days it's a lemon canon.

  2. Ain't it the truth, LemonLady!!!

    Sometimes I just want to cuss that little red line.

    My biggest bugaboo is "commentor." I am pretty sure it should be "commentor," but only "commenter" comes out without the dang red line. That sucks. I mean, I ain't no English major or anything, but "commentor" looks more right to me than "commenter." Kinda like "guarantor" is correct, and "guaranter" is not...and I could list a mirrored of examples. ;)

    Thanks for bringing this up. I haven't been ticked off about spell-check in several days now.

    You've helped me get centered.

  3. Ain't it the truth, LemonLady! Sometimes I just want to curse at that little red line.

    My biggest bugaboo is "commentor." Or "commenter." I am pretty dang sure it should be "

  4. Your vocabulary is to copious for the meager dimension of my cranial cavity could you please alleviate with simplicity.

    I love when you get even with Google.
    Lemon Stand take well deserved bow.

  5. M - ::very proper ladylike giggle:: :)

    Andy - That is a very hard one. You had me stumped so I went to look and I believe a commenter is a person who makes a verbal comment in regard to another remark, observation, or criticism.

    Commentator is a person continually comments as events unfold or a person who writes notes on an event or subject.

    Personally, because the nature of comments has changed with the internet, I say that it's time to update the dictionary because you are absolutely correct. We now use text in place of voice, so it should be commentator. I shall remember YOU every time I use that word now. You are a literary revolutionist. I'll be happy to follow your lead. :)

  6. Shazzzaaaaaaam! I had no idear that I was right.

    And, I certainly didn't know WHY I was right. I reckon I AM a genius!!!


  7. Genius... hmmmm. I seem to remember the following quote: Luke, "I got 'im!" Han Solo, "Great, kid. Don't get cocky."

    ;P Just sayin' ::laughs loud enough to draw attention... oops::


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