30 December 2012

iPhone Test...

Although there is a big scary note on Blogger that basically says, "Danger Will Robinson, Danger!" I  think I'll test out blogging on my iPhone using Safari anyway...

Although I have a miserable cold at the moment (I wonder if a wonderful cold exists?), I also have Insomnia.  What better chance will I get to truly wreak havock on my blog?

For those of you healthy sleeping souls out there... I wish you a lumpy pillow.  For those kindred spirits... Skip the "spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down", and just go get a serving spoon of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum.

PS Could someone test out this advice and let me know how we'll it works for ya? I'd really love to know if it DOES help the medicine go down?


  1. Hi Lemon Stand.

    Works fine on my end.

    I use the Blogger app myself, on the rare times I want to post from my iPhone, but it seems this works well.

    Get well, kiddo!

  2. Andy! It actually worked? COOL! I actually did something on this darn thing without the kids showing me how! (We won't mention that NyQuil induced this short firings of my brain cells, 'kay?) Although it keeps locking up every several words... Have I ever mentioned that I HATE cell phones?

  3. LOL so glad it worked! yay! I have no neural synapsis at the moment so I'll just stop there ;)

  4. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and eggnog works wonders...Promise! Get better soon, girl!


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