01 January 2013

A New Letter For An Old Year...

    I guess I'm not thinking in terms of a new year yet, heck I only just got used to writing your new name. [Now the world has to go and mess up a perfectly good number I've grown so comfortable with. Guess even the Mayan calendar could not change this.] So farewell 2012. You have had your moments of every possible part of the emotional and physical spectrum and I can appreciate that you are tired and want to be laid to rest. So I will awake and greet 2013 with an open mind and heart, but you will remain forever in my mind as one of the years of great change and education in my life as to what's truly important. I woke up every morning of 2012 and I want you to know I have been grateful for that gift of your sunrises and sunsets. Rest now. If the Mayan Calendar has it's way, you'll be back in a few millennia.

Lemon Stand

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