07 January 2014

Now There Is Cold, And Then There Is Artic Ice Locker!

I woke up this morning to 6° with a wind chill of about -13° and after reading about the temperatures in the Great Lakes region, I'm very happy with my balmy 6°! 

Still, I think I'll order a Mad Bomber Hat from L. L. Beans! Bought one for our youngest daughter for Christmas. 

Mad Bomber Hat from L. L. Bean's website
"Shell is fully insulated and trimmed with plush genuine rabbit fur. Wear it with ear flaps up, or pull them down for added warmth" 

They have a few other colors at L. L. Beans website, but I'm more concerned about the warmth. I must say that it surprised me the hat was not lined completely in rabbit fur, because I didn't read the description when I bought it. Still, the insulation is wonderfully warm anyway and the fur covers my ears, forehead and chin. Who could ask for anything more?

Well I am off to sew.  I have been trying to reupholster the living room furniture since my husband laid down a beautiful maple floor.  I also have been making new drapes, sheers and throw pillows. But today, I'm going to quilt like mad. I have too many things I need to do so I'm off.

QOTD: "Quilting. The other winter sport." ~ unknown


  1. Love the hat... Don't need one but looks cool.

  2. It was only -40C/F with the windchill... :) Kid's finally started school on Thurs. Now we're getting the chinook.

  3. Love the hat but like the Chinook even better. Looks to be a winter of extremes. Sigh. Spring needs to hurry up and get here! (IMHO)


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