03 December 2016

Comment Love...

    For all those who have contacted me to let me know my comments were not working and I couldn't figure out what broke while I was away from the helm. I have finally taken the plunge into a new template. Looks kinda boring to me but I think whatever was wrong with the comments has now been fixed and when I have time to tinker I'm sure it will feel more like home. And here I thought I wasn't loved anymore.  :)
QOTD: Okay, this is so me that I had a really good chuckle this morning and thought I would share the chuckle.  For those of you who do not follow Twitter... enjoy:  #IfIGoAnyFurther down the Wikipedia rabbit hole, I'll start to learn Klingon & orbital mechanics. I just wanted to know what giraffes eat. Jonny Dangerousleigh @Enjoneer01

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