04 December 2009

Again, For Sarah...

Too often in my posts I write about the frustrating things about our daughters but there truly is plenty of wonderful things note. I think that being in parental mode all the time we sometimes forget to acknowledge the precious milestones that are reached as children grow older.
Once they hit their preteen years there will come a time when they can be home alone without adult supervision for short periods of time. As they get older, this time expands. We don't have to worry about the older three girls being home alone. They have been trustworthy and responsible. The older three have babysat outside the home and Rachel will be stepping up to that plate soon.

Another plus in our house is that I now get steal the older children's sweatshirts, sweaters and coats instead of them always borrowing mine. It doesn't work just one way anymore. :o)

As teenagers their enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge is inspiring. Granted, most of the time this knowledge is not for school work but rather other areas of interest. It is amazing to watch them choose interests that you would never have thought they'd consider and then explore that world beyond your own knowledge to be able to teach YOU something new.

What I love most about my own teenagers is the opportunity to shed the parental hat at times to be able to enjoy being invited along with them on their journey of discovery. One on one time is rare when you have 5 children but it is so special when it does happen.

They all have such different personalities and varied interests and I often used to wonder what they would grow up to be. With what they teach me through this growing process, I now wonder what 'I' will grow to be before they are done with me...
QOTD: "My mom told me you don't have to be popular or the prettiest. Just be who you are. Don't do what everybody else is doing. The last thing we need is more Stepford teens. It was great advice." Unknown

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  1. I'm sorry I didn't read sooner, and I feel honored that something was written for my benefit. My internet time is very limited these days.

    No one ever talks about teenagers and it's nice to hear about the things I can enjoy later in life. I'm always curious what things my child will take interest in and I hope I am mother enough to not discourage any of it.


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