11 December 2009

A Continuing Process, A Combat Zone, And Leopard Print...

Communicating with a teenager requires skill, a quick wit and lots of patience with a rather large dose of humor. 

Case in point: Not too long ago, we were teasing Danielle (because she always rises to the bait so well) :o) I don't remember the exact subject we were discussing but she was getting frustrated at her father's point of view...
Danielle, "I've been insulted!"

Husband, "No... you are being insulted. It is a continuing process."

Danielle, "MOM!!!"
I couldn't help her by telling her father to cease and desist since I was laughing so hard. ::shrugs shoulders::

Conversation veers to China and Chinese as Danielle is taking her second year of the Chinese language in High School.

Danielle wants to go to Chinatown in Boston and her father explained to her that in Boston, Chinatown used to be the 'combat zone' but now is more the theatre district. I think this little history lesson threw her off her stride because then...
Danielle, "Combat zone? In Chinatown?"
Husband, "Yeah, a civilian combat zone. You know... Prostitutes, muggers and pimps, OH MY?"
Another example is of a conversation I had with Nicole.  I told her that 'if she didn't behave, the only things she would get for Christmas this year would have a leopard print on it' and without missing a beat she said, "That's ok, it makes very nice kindling."
Which just goes to show that she's been hanging out with her father too long.
QOTD: "Adolescence is perhaps nature's way of preparing parents to welcome the empty nest." Karen Savage and Patricia Adams, The Good Stepmother


  1. You need those moments to know your a REAL family. I'm glad your daughter picked up her father's quick wit.

    Chinese in high school? Very good. They only have Japanese here and it's not in every school district.


  2. May, I have two daughters who would rather learn Japanese but will take what they can get. It used to be you had a choice in high school of Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish, French and Latin. Because of cutbacks they are dropping Russian and German.

    In Middle School it used to be all the same languages except Russian.

    I can't understand why we subsidize the oil industry and cut our children's educational opportunities!


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