12 December 2009

An Absolute Mountain Of Lemons...

Do you know that song about "Big Rock Candy Mountain?"  I'm trying to imagine Lemon Drops...
I really am... But right now I feel like I am under a MOUNTAIN of lemons with not a drop of daylight showing...  Up until now, as the amount of posts I've put up this week is a great indicator, it's been a busy but wonderful week.  I do not know if it is the change in weather pressure with this latest snow storm, but I've been battling a migraine.  It is official today.  I lost the battle.  So I am going to put up a list of posts from the last week in case you have missed any.  (My kids have told me I have been over-achieving this week with the posts and that I should refrain from doing more than one.  I guess it will be one more thing to ponder as I lay down to check for holes in the underside of my eyelids.  Actually, I want to know what Santa does for Mrs. Claus when she gets a migraine.)

So I hope you enjoy any of the posts that you might have missed in the last seven days or if you happen to know the secret of what Santa Claus gives to Mrs. Claus for a migraine, by all means... spill the beans!


  1. Relpax. the only thing that works for me. Maxalt will work, but makes my stomach upset. I was migraining this week too. it's the weather, I think.

    sorry you aren't well.

    take care. LAW

  2. LAW - Since I am only now sending a note back, you can tell that the migraines + 5 daughters have been taking up my entire life for the last couple of weeks. But thank you for the thoughts. :)


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