22 December 2009

The Infamous Gloves...

Rachel to Danielle, "Why are you wearing gloves in the house?"

Danielle, "I'm cold." (She's wrapped up in sweaters, sweatshirts, flannels, bathrobe and a blanket)

Husband goes to look at thermostat and says, "It's 70 degrees in here and it won't be getting any higher till summer!"

Nina, "Just admit it... You just want to imitate Michael Jackson."
QOTD:“I stopped for coffee and there was a guy under the bridge. He had no coat and was cold. I offered him a coffee but he said he just needed to get warm so I gave him my hat, my coat, and my gloves. The people in the store asked where my coat was and I told them I gave it away and they told me I was crazy but I did it from my heart.“  John Velleca

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