16 December 2009



This blog has always been and always will try to be about the positive things in life no matter how many lemons are lobbed in your general vicinity.; Many times we all need help to maintain faith, a positive attitude and the willingness to sacrifice to make things a safe and better place for all. I intentionally try to avoid any religious or political opinions in my blog.; That is a very personal choice and I have respect for all peoples rights to worship or vote their conscience as long as it does not impinge on anyone else's right to the same freedoms.

This is a post that I was NOT going to write. You will see why by the end of it. But I feel like this will make a small difference for other members of our military family.; When I say 'military family' I mean ANY member of ANY branch that has or is serving their country.

In this case, I am speaking of the family of Army Master Sergeant C. J. Grisham.; Read the original backstory, plus constantly updated coverage about Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham and the milblogging controversy.; Currently a military and government command would strip a proven patriot and his family who risks all to protect the same rights that are now being denied him.; It is a travesty of justice! To add insult upon insult to injury, C. J. must pay for his own council to protect his good name, honor, meritorious service all because of small mind politics that supposedly have more credibility than a highly decorated military member!

After reading his story, please go to GO TO BLACKFIVE AND MAKE A DONATION TO C.J.'s LEGAL FUND

What also really horrifies me is that not only this kind of condemnation from his chain of command and the stripping of his rights but that his PTSD is being used against him!; I am a disabled veteran with PTSD and the fact that the military is helping some ignorant person who has probably never served anyone in their entire life except their own self interests.; That the PTA went along with this and the Army HELPED them?; I can see the even further repercussions in active duty and veterans alike not seeking treatment for any mental health because they have no protection against such abuse by the public and their commands.; And the military thinks this sends the right message?

There is already a lot of talk about how there should not be a stigma attached to seeking help before this kind of situation spirals out of control. There is another wonderful post over at Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys entitled Veterans' Mental Healthcare: Epidemic of Denial.

Blackfive once had the most incredible, dead on post about Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or more properly, Coming Home. This post was the best and most accurate description of what PTSD is and what it isn't that I have had the privilege to read.

The leaper reaction is not solely a military thing. It is prevalent in our society at large. Because the average person does not understand what causes PTS in all it's forms, they rely on what they've seen and heard in the news, tv and movies. People outside of family and friends (and some within that circle) unconsciously act as if they can be infected with the disorder if they get too close and so they either avoid the person affected or refuse to acknowledge the situation so that they won't have to feel uncomfortable or awkward.

I know this is unintentional for the most part, but it reinforces the feelings of worthlessness and isolation. I don't know anyone who would willingly want to be treated this way and so most of the people I know who have been in this position denied a problem existed and/or refused to seek treatment.; The Army sure has shown that they don't walk the walk, they just talk the talk.

From our family to C. J.'s family our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  1. I do NOT have a miliblog but my husband is a Iraqi Vet (2x), deployed to Kuwait the year before last and more than likely will be deployed again to Afghanistan in 2010.

    I don't plan on shutting my blog down because it's not political, but I truly appreciate the website where my family made a very generous donation by PayPal for the cause. If you are willing to lay down your life, NO ONE better tell you to keep your opinion to yourself! It's NOT right!

    Fight the good fight. The PTA?? Get the heck out of here! now Wisteria lane is running things??


  2. BostonMaggie - I only just learned how to use Face book. I haven't embarrassed myself yet by asking the kids to tell what Twitter is and how to use it. But I guess while the blog is silent... there's no better time to learn.

    May - I totally understand. I'm sure your donation will be appreciated not only by C.J.'s family but also by everyone who supports him. My husband has also been to the sandbox several times. Please thank your husband for his service and also our thanks to you and your kids who make it possible for him to do what he does.

  3. Sounds like the principal is hell-bent on getting her way. What do you want to bet that she is a liberal? I say Rush Limbaugh for President 2012!


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