12 March 2010

Hot Apple Cider And Tall, Yellow Galoshes In New England...

Today is a typical spring day in New England with grey blanketing clouds heavy with the promise of big, fat raindrops.  A perfect day to go to my favorite hole in the wall teashop and wait for the library to open with a steaming cup of freshly pressed apple cider and jazz music playing softly in the background.  My poor tired van is still limping along so it hasn't given up the ghost yet.  I'm thinking I may be able to make it down to the store this afternoon to pick up some tall, yellow galoshes for what is about to become our own private mud hole.  Normally we would call this our driveway but since it is a dirt driveway with poor drainage, it becomes a mud hole fit for prize, gigantic pigs to wallow in.  (And a few kids)  Actually, all we need is a large herd of those pigs to make the picture complete.  I wonder if pigs come in 'herds'?
QOTD: "I've developed a new philosophy... only dread one day at a time." ~ Charlie Brown


  1. Wow. You made a rainy day seem so appealing!

    Its POURING over here and Im miserable! I need the darn sunshine already!

    Maybe I just need some hot apple cider!

  2. LOL...lately, Charlie Brown's advice is proving useful ;)


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