15 March 2010

Old Home Week...

I am always amazed at the way Facebook gets people in touch with you that you haven't seen in years.  Decades even.  My best friend Kelly swears by it but I have been pretty skeptical and cautious about it.  Still, this weekend it happened to me.  It must be old home week and I missed the memo because I have now touched base with 4 old friends in one weekend.  It was pretty cool.  I have been expanding the pool of people I can laugh with again.  Although I should probably warn them about being blog fodder....  Nah.  What fun would that be?  Although one must be cautious because I'm sure they all have blackmail pictures and stories of me.  Yes, I must weigh my options carefully and judiciously.   

As with anytime you haven't seen someone in ages, they want to see pictures.  Well, I don't often have my picture taken.  This was about 5 years ago.  But the really shameful thing is... I don't have loaded on my computer the most recent pictures of all my kids.  Still I can't help but be proud of them... (Yes kids... but don't let it go to your head)  :o)  You can look below the fold and see the source of my blog fodder most days of the week...


  1. these are BEAUTIFUL photos. And thanks to the Magic that is Facebook, I recently connected with an old high school friend and she flew all the way out to NJ from CA to visit with me last week after not seeing each other for 19 years!

  2. Beautiful pics, babe.

    Facebook rocks, I've been in touch with high school folks I haven't seen in 15 years (the 20th reunion), or even 35 years for some. Hell, met up again with some old family friends I haven't seen in 40 years or more. Even got a chance to burn and mail some home movies from their house in the late 60s.

    WV: falkeda - the terrorist group trying to take the Falkland Islands away from Great Britain.


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