11 March 2010

When The Family Car Gets Sick...

With all the problems the economy is having I had a long talk with my car recently.  I begged it to take better care of itself.  The coughing has been getting steadily worse.  I have mothered and pampered it with all sorts of fluids like Mother's always do, but it still keeps getting sicker.  It's temperature is normal but I'm still worried about it dying because it sounds AWFUL.  I don't think any of my home remedies are going to work this time.  In my mind I know that it has lived past it's prime but it has been at the heart of our family gatherings on a daily basis for so many years.  It has been a hard worker in the worst of times but alas, I think it might be coming up on the time when we will have to make a decision whether to euthanize it or not.  Such worrying concerns are weighing me down this cloudy Thursday morning...
QOTD: "John Le Mesurier wishes it to be known that he conked out on November 15th. He sadly misses family and friends." ~ John Le Mesurier  (1912-83), British actor. His death announcement.


  1. I hope your family car pulls through. Sometimes they keep pushing on, even not feeling well.

    On a side note I have this mental image of a woman nose to bumper with a van, rubbing the hood gently, and later laying a blanket on it for the night. :)

  2. Amber, are you my neighbor? I didn't think anyone had seen me... :o)

  3. Ugh, I hope he holds on a little bit longer. I hate shopping for cars.

  4. ABW - Actually, my kids assure me that our van is a 'she'. I neglected to ask for the reason for this. (I was actually afraid of what might have come out of their mouths...)


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