14 April 2010

Tales Of The Internet...

I have always heard that if you post something on the internet, consider it there for your posterity.  I figured this was probably true for some things but not for all.  Boy, was I ever WRONG...

When I started blogging again, I had to start out from scratch.  I had, after all, deleted my blog so all my past posts and comments were gone... or so I thought!  My husband and I were talking not too long ago about places that archive the internet.  It got me thinking... yes, I know that can be dangerous but I was feeling pretty courageous, so I started googling, yahooing, and wikipedying.  Why does that sound like wickedly peeing to me this morning? Huh, up here in New England that would describe an incredibly wonderful and successful urinating experience.  (see New Expressions...)

And NO, before you ask, I was wikipedying and NOT wickedly peeing.

So back to the subject at hand... I discovered that my old blog was not completely gone.  It is in an electronic archive gathering dust bunnies... or in this case, would that be energizer bunnies?  So I was able to save a few of my favorite posts from back then to re-post when the pickings get slim of interesting items of a lemonade nature.

But do you know the best thing of all?  I can also sneak peaks at old posts from one of my favorite blogs that closed a long time ago.

The worst thing of all?  Well, for all those teenagers (and others) that post things they never thought their mothers (or future employers) would see?  Yeah, well, it might really suck to be you when your venting gets back to them...  I am a true believer in Murphy's Law.

But for the moment we will focus on the glass half full scenario because there are a few old posts that I had forgotten about that tell of events it was funny to recall, so stay tuned...
QOTD: "Some things Man was never meant to know.  For everything else... there's Google." ~ unknown


  1. well I am very glad you were able to salvage old posts you thought may have been gone forever!

  2. Uh Oh! That could be kinda scary...lol

  3. Meleah - It was rather nice, I must admit.

    Julie - Yup. I can SOOOOO see the downside which is why, you'll notice, I did not explain how it is done. :o)

  4. "I can also sneak peaks at old posts from one of my favorite blogs that closed a long time ago."

    What blog would that be, out of curiosity?

    Oh, and could you point me to the link where you find these? Curious about some old stuff.


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