12 April 2010

The Usual Springtime Visitors...

Warning:  It's Monday and I am desperately making lemonade as fast as I can so you might notice my humor is a bit... off. (For want of a better word)

So it's TWO posts in ONE day! I'm either feeling loquacious or truly desperate today. (By the way folks, just to make sure you get the FULL value of The Lemon Stand... loquacious is your word for the day. Try using it in a sentence to irritate impress your kids, friends, family or pet rock.  :)  Hey... at least I suggested that you to use it on a Monday when the grey matter is still regurgitating from the weekend!)

But back to the subject of springtime visitors. It is now officially springtime here in the Berkshires. We had our first moose strike of the season. (At least the driver wasn't killed too although I probably can't say the same for the car) For some reason that I have yet to figure out, moose love our neighborhood.  (And no, we do not live in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood)  On average we get at least one moose who commits suicide by way of wandering... across the one busy road in town.  Maybe they didn't hear about the turkey's demise? Maybe they just don't listen to local gossip like the bear does. (more on him later)

We discovered the sad event while driving to school last Friday morning. The kids were so upset about it that I was considering sending condolences to his family. (I didn't though, because I would have had to wait by the side of the road near the moose crossing until they returned, to deliver it. You have to be very careful about being mistook for bear snack at this time of year.)

And speaking of the bear population... while my husband was unloading the wood flooring for one of the bedrooms this weekend, we had a visit from our local bear who was still just waking up from his winter nap.

How did I know he was just waking up from his winter nap? Well, it could have been the way he was staggering around and still rubbing his eyes or the way he looked really hung over... but in truth he looked just like my husband and daughters, Nicole and Danielle, before they get their first cup of coffee in the morning. (Although I think my family members are still grumpier than the bear was so maybe the bear had been able to get at least part of his daily caffeinated diet...)

Now that I think about it... life is much more interesting when your survival or possible demise is at stake...

QOTD: “Now it is such a bizarrely improbable coincidence that anything so mind-bog-gglingly useful could have evolved purely by chance that some thinkers have chosen to see it as the final and clinching proof of the non-existence of God. The argument goes something like this:

    `I refuse to prove that I exist,' says God, `for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing.'

    `But,' says Man, `The Babel fish is a dead giveaway, isn't it? It could not have evolved by chance. It proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't. QED.'

    `Oh dear,' says God, `I hadn't thought of that,' and promptly vanished in a puff of logic.
    `Oh, that was easy,' says Man, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed on the next zebra crossing.” ~ Douglas Adams (1952-2001) British comic Writer


  1. "life is much more interesting when your survival or possible demise is at stake..."

    Aint that the truth!

  2. Meleah - If you have to look at the bright side of dire situations, you might as well look on it as an adventure...

    Ann - This is the time of year that I do not invite people to visit... Too hard to teach them survival tactics for every possible scenario!


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