22 September 2010

How To Post To Your Blog While Wearing A Purple Cast In Three Easy Lessons...

Lesson Number One
Make sure your post title is the longest one you have ever written.  It'll look impressive to anyone who can read knowing you accomplished this feat with only one index finger.  (You will also get extra points if a teacher reads it and pronounces that you have spelled all the words correctly... and even more points if the entire post is grammatically correct including punctuation.  Particularly if it is Mrs. Who, whom we all know is the absolutely best but severely underpaid and under-appreciated teacher in her state... AND she survives even though she works for Professor Umbridge!  NOTE: I WAS going to link to one of Mrs. Who's Professor Umbridge posts but her current post is.... well, I won't ruin the surprise...)
Lesson Number Two
Wait to post anything to the internet until you only have to take Advil for the pain.  (Unless you actually want anyone to know exactly what you did to earn that purple cast... Note the date since my last post...)
Lesson Number Three
Make sure your post contains a short humorous anecdote from before PC (purple cast)

(You'd think he would have vividly remembered our previous experience with air conditioners.  I recently had to describe this past experience during a conversation and even though it's been years, I still become mortified.  Mortified because I can't coherently get the whole story out before becoming unintelligible from laughter, both from the experience and the expressions on the listeners faces.  I can't help myself, it just cracks me up.  I'm sorry, but I always seem to picture myself standing with the squirrels and wild turkeys and wishing I had had a camera.  A picture of the expression that must have been on my husband's face when he received the phone call would also have been an extra special 'Kodak moment'.)


  1. OH, NO!!! Not the air conditioner again!!!! (You should live down here...a/c is needed all year-round practically, thus no need to run the risk of injury!!)

    Yep, you need to come down this way...sounds like you need a beach vacation. Oil's gone from the shores now, 'cause Obama promised it was!

  2. You and my son match! He went purple too. The boys at school said, "You should have gone PINK!" He told me he would have just to be funny, but felt certain after Day 1, he'd be sick of a bright pink cast.

    I hope you feel better...

  3. Oh honey! You made this sound hilarious, but I sure do hope you can get that cast off soon!

  4. PS: your comment on my blog make me laugh out loud today. Thank you for that!

  5. Mrs. Who - it is still in the window. I am looking at it as I type this. I just may have to get one of the kids to join the squirrels and wild turkeys to take pictures this time... Hey! Our daughter Nina is actually taking a photography class in college THIS semester! Alas, MY part will have to be played by someone else this time since I can't catch the window frame with both hands. :)

    And normally I would LOVE to go sit on a beach... ANY beach but the thought of getting sand inside this cast nixes all the relaxation that could have been had. :(
    AND normally when I think of oil and beach in the same sentence, I think of coconut oil. Perhaps THAT's the oil Obama was referring to because he would be right. Not a lot of that oil to be seen on those beaches.

    BOU - Purple is way more cool! And the only way he would look funny is if I let him borrow my purple purse, sweater and white shoes... because we all know it's past Labor Day and white shoes would be a total faux pas among his peers.

    As for feeling better... I'm sure hoping the swelling will go down soon. It's been over three weeks! Still, it could be worse... I could be wearing a pink cast with white shoes.

    Meleah - me too because the pain pills sure don't taste like a Pina Colada, a Rum Runner or real Sangria... Just sayin' :)

    PS You're welcome and now we're even 'cause you made me laugh about combining our fall fashion colors. You know? My kids hate all my comfy jeans and t-shirts. Fashion really doesn't interest me all that much so it's kind of funny that a lot of my comments have been about fashion and color. Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf? Nah! Gotta be the meds...

    I hope you feel better soon too!

  6. Weeelllll... you could just go stand in front of the tv during the Sox game or keep turning the radio off until he gets up and does it. LOL.

    However, I don't think a cast is an asset in dropping a/c units out the window... except to wave in your husband's face while he protests not being able to watch all 5 hours of the baseball game. hehehehehe


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