25 October 2010

Blog Fodder Revenge...

Rachel was supposed to make lasagna for dinner one night and admittedly, it was not going to happen.  Our family was going to end up eating leftovers anyway. When their father gets stuck at the base for whatever reason, 'dinner' at our house is just not the same as when he's there.  So sometimes interest in the cooking endeavor doesn't always rise high enough to make a big effort if other sustenance is available.  So although I wasn't upset when I had this very interesting text conversation with our daughter, Nina, I surely do know how to take advantage of every opportunity that happens to knock so blatantly on my door:
Text from Nina (sent 6:42pm): Rachel came with us to the movies so she might make lasagna when we get home. [my emphasis]

Me: Huh.  She has left me to the wolves? I now have to go hunt and gather in the land of leftovers?  I have to forage in the fridge?  Tell her I can feel the love from here...

Me: It's ok. You can also tell her that I'm using her as blog fodder...
QOTD:  Well, remember what you said, because in a day or two, I'll have a witty and blistering retort! You'll be devastated THEN! ~ Bill Watterson's fictional character of Calvin from his comic series 'Calvin & Hobbes'


  1. Venturing into the fridge for leftovers invites all kinds of trouble! Not too mention the horror of finding something thats not identifiable.

  2. These tough economic times are making me very good at disguising leftovers as something new and tasty. Well, at least 'new'.

  3. I often miss the days when we had NO leftovers. When the four boys were at home, and the house was filled with their friends, no matter how much The Mrs. prepared, it was always gone.

    We eat a lot of leftovers now.


  4. Dazd - ah yes, this weeks microbiology experiment...

    Mrs. Who - Yeah. I'm with you on the 'new'...

    Andy - I know that at some point in my future I will be looking back and missing the grocery bill... just not today... :)


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