26 October 2010

Tuesday, Full Moon Or A Tanker Load Of Lemonade?

This really was not my lemonade for the day.  Really.  It really was not.  I had something special planned but I needed to take one of those old "Pause For Station Identification" breaks (If you don't know what those actually are (or were) then just understand that according to my offspring, I'm older than dirt.  Apparently I grew up, in their minds, with dinosaurs and other prehistoric lifeforms living in my backyard... but that is a post for another day...) to try wrapping my brain around try to understand the mystery that is internet source code.

Normally I don't give a rat's patootie about blog statistics.  I'm pretty laid back about it because I'm not writing for popularity nor income.  That said, I've been investing most of my extremely limited copious amounts of free time researching technical web source code translations for the internet-challenged stuff (most of which might as well be written in Martian or possibly the Venusian language... although I'm not ruling out communication used on Pluto even if the rest of the astrological world has picked on downgraded the planet to dwarf status).

So it was, while searching for something else (which I never did find, by the way) I happened to noticed almost every Tuesday or Wednesday (or there about, due to time zone differences I think) someone searched (and found The Lemon Stand) using an assortment of variations to find "After Tuesday Even The Week Says WTF".  Morbid curiosity led me to look at where all these poor souls were living and hoping they weren't all living in my neck of the woods.  

Now maybe it was the full moon (at least where I live) or perhaps because the financial or political climate looks pretty grim but after looking at the number searchers and the numbers of different states AND countries... the thought crossed my mind that I might want to think about making a Tanker Load of Lemonade on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (or maybe both) from now on!  Because the number of people needing some comic relief seems to be growing and it looks like it's pretty much global.  Really. 

I'm not sure what this says about my character, because it actually made me happy...  I'm not alone.  The stressful angst of a normal week of the average homo sapien is not much different from mine.  Although maybe it might also hold true for those life forms from Mars, Venus and Pluto (Don't worry Pluto... I still think of you as an important, full-sized planet and I even think you are not inhabited by dwarf Plutonians.  Rest easy.  I have your back.) but here on planet Earth it seems to be a universal sentiment.  Wow.  Am I really so shallow?  Huh.  I guess so...


  1. Lemon Stand, I actually swiped that "After Tuesday..." deal off your blog, I think. I know I swiped it from somewhere, and I think it was you.

    Did you post this?

    If you did, thanks! I have encouraged many with it. ;)

  2. YAY! I can FINALLY comment on your blog posts! Blogger wasn't letting me comment for weeks!

  3. Andy - Nope, that wasn't me but it sure seems like a universal feeling.

    Meleah - Blogger wasn't letting you comment? Well. I have no idea what I tweaked wrong... now that I think about it... I also don't know what I tweaked right to get it back... :)

  4. It wasn't you? Hmmmmm...

    Must have come through an e-mail or something. I know for SURE that I have one I've stolen from you.

    Maybe it's this one.

    It could have been this one.

    But, I'm sure it's not this one.

    I'll figure it out...

  5. It was Andy Borowitz, I think, who said: "This decade began with Y2K and ended with WTF."

  6. Andy - It was the first one. The second one is true and the third is just WRONG on so many different levels that I wonder where you must have been surfing to find it... so I can avoid it... *shudders*

    CGHill - I remember that one! That was SO true!


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