01 January 2013

Texting For Miracles?

Text conversation I had before Christmas with one of our daughters who was at work at the time:
Me: Anything you want to add to your Christmas list?
Daughter: A Miracle?
Me: What KIND of miracle? You have to be more specific...
Daughter: Just a general miracle.
Me: Let me get with Miracle Max... I think True Love generally comes before just a General Miracle, but I won't know unless I ask...
Me: Have you got a wheelbarrow?
Daughter: Nope, wheelbarrowless.
Me: How about a rope?
Daughter: Nope
Me: Cloak?
Daughter: Nada
Me: You're not giving me much here to work with, but fear not, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
Me: At least not legally...
Me: No, No, No! I did not just type that.
Me: Tell you what, how about a white steed?
Daughter: I mean if you're offering...
Me: I meant, do you HAVE a white steed? Miracle Max doesn't work for free you know?
Daughter: Oh. Well, nope.
Me: This IS a challenge worthy of thought... Who can we get who can think?
Daughter: I dunno man, you'll have to get back to me on that.
Me: It CAN'T be a man. They have only one brain cell, but it's definitely dedicated to something else...
(I can't help wondering what normal family texts are like)
Me: Everyone else is Christmas shopping or working except for Erin and she apparently was taken by video assassins... (I know my parents never had to worry about that!)
Me: I am sure you're not supposed to have long bizarre conversations with your mother while working. You were sounding a little down and tired so I was just hoping to give you a verbal hug, but I should let you go. Love you (and I hope you have been provided with a rabid elf for self protection from customers... I'm pretty sure it's an OSHA requirement for this time of year.)

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