11 February 2014

For The Man In The House... (Not Mine Though)

I get very little time these days to wander around the internet, but when I do, I always try to go visit a few special blogger friends.  It was on this short foray that I got my first laugh of the day. Since it's such a short post, I'm sure Mrs. Who won't mind me borrowing it for a moment, not that anyone other than her might see it. :)

Popping My Cork

This morning I was in the bathroom, minding my own business. I had a song stuck in my head…’Big Spender‘ from Sweet Charity. One of the skaters in the Olympics last night used that song, and it had ear-wormed into me. So I started singing it. To pass the time, of course.
My husband was still in bed. When I emerged from the bathroom, his worried voice came down the hallway, “Sweetheart, are you okay?” he asked.
I replied, “Yes, why?”
His voice came back, with a confused tone in it. “I just thought I heard something.”
Well, so much for my singing in the bathroom…

3 Responses to “Popping My Cork”

  1. Jess Says: 
    Well. At least he didn’t ask if you were skinning a cat.

Well that just reminded me of a previous post sent to me by my husband and just know that Mrs. Who needs to let him (and Jess) read it so that I can return the favor.  :)

So click Repeat After Me...


  1. LOL about the cat story...that poor guy! And I've decided to sing, even if no one likes it. If there's a song in your heart, it has to come out.

  2. I'm so glad you liked it but the question of the hour is did HE like it? (then tell him I'm only teasing him, not picking on him) Personally, I rather like "The hills are alive with the sound of music..." but I just can't do it justice while scrubbing my toes with a loofa. Kind of gets lost in the translation so to speak. Still, you are right. Belt them out!


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