12 February 2014

Quilting... The Other Winter Sport...

I once got my Mother-in-law a sign that said, "Quilting, the other winter sport" and she laughed and said it was true. Now I have a sign that says the same thing and hangs in my sewing room. Oh, how I wish I could sew.

If you're a quilter, "coming out of the closet" takes on a whole new meaning.  In the past I've had to use closets to store my stash of fabric, but over the years it has been extremely fruitful and has multiplied exponentially until it now overflows my sewing room (yes, I finally have one) into the hallway.

My Mother in law and I made a pact, that if the other died first, the remaining would go and gather fabric from all their hiding places to keep them from being discovered.  We were only joking, but it is true that fabric does seem to find it's way home and kind of like someone saving a life then being responsible for it's life...  well you can see why I have never been able to drag them back to fabric store. I couldn't be that cruel.

QOTD: "Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." ~ Victor Hugo

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