05 April 2014

A New Generation's Method Of Problem Solving...

Kids can be frustrating... and ours can sometimes be truly bizarre...

Me: "Could I get one of you kids to empty the dishwasher?"

Three daughters look at each other and then immediately start pounding the fist of one hand onto the flat open palm of the other hand...

Danielle, "Ro, Cham, Beau!" [do NOT ask me where she got this, I have no clue... a common enough occurrence with me concerning my kids these days]

Rachel and Erin, "Rocks, Paper, Scissors!"

My positive thought for the day? At least when they choose this method, I know I won't have an argument about the dishwasher actually getting emptied.  :)

QOTD: "Pick your battles." ~ me [echoes of which are often heard in my head throughout the day]

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