08 January 2016


   As so many people before me, I have fallen in love with the work of Sayuri Sasaki Hemann, a textile artist. It started with pictures of her seascape of stitched and embroidered felted barnacles, organza anemones, organza and lace jellyfish, gauze seaweed and coral.
   I didn't know until I visited her website and looked at the video of  "Urban Aquarium" that this display of aquatic life actually gently moves as if in a current, making it look even more of a realistic dreamscape. 

   I have always loved the mesmerizing, soothing effect of aquariums. Especially salt water ones.  There's just something about how the light encounters vibrant color and movement that has always drawn me. Here Sayuri captures this magical world of indulged senses and the peacefulness it evokes causing one to become indolent just to feast the eyes. I have seriously thought of trying to recreate this perfection in my living room but alas know such talent cannot be duplicated by my hands.


  Time to stop and smell the roses.

QOTD: "Though the artist must remain master of his craft, the surface, at times raised to the highest pitch of loveliness, should transmit to the beholder the sensation which possessed the artist." ~ Alfred Sisley (1839-1899) - en plein air artist

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