05 May 2010

Bathroom Library...

I'm curious to know if other people's bathrooms have libraries in them...

You know, like National Geographic (there's nothing like reading a story on ancient dinosaur poo to really put you into the mood), or National Scientific (learning new ways in which to design better electrical zapping tools for those who dare interrupt your time in the throne room), or perhaps even War and Peace (hey, you never know when you are going to have to take an extended vacation in there, because there are just some things you can not rush... kind of like the Paul Masson commercial, "...we will sell no wine before it's time...").

In our house, we have two bathrooms.  One downstairs for the girls and one upstairs for my husband and I.  (that was the only thing on his non-negotiable list when we went looking for a new home was his own bathroom... with a lock...)  Now the downstairs bathroom can often be seen sporting magazines such as Teen Vogue or Gourmet magazine (yeah, I know that's an odd place for that magazine but then hey, I've never claimed our family was normal so it's all good).  

Upstairs?  There is a bookcase next to the toilet.  It's sad but true.  Since my husband often acts like it's a trip to the library, I put in a short, narrow bookcase with five shelves for his reading materials.  To be honest, I'm just waiting for him to one day add a cooler for his beer and a little tv to watch his Red Sox games.... then his sightings will become as rare as the DooDoo Bird... um, or rather DoDo Bird...
QOTD: "Like when I'm in the bathroom looking at my toilet paper, I'm like 'Wow! That's toilet paper?' I don't know if we appreciate how much we have." ~ Peter Nivio Zarlenga


  1. My DD has lots of mags in our TP basket in the downstairs bathroom off the kitche. The basket is in the shower and I open the door to see the library. (this shower is never used btw) When I open the door to get a new TP roll or replace supplies, I am always surprised what makes it into there.

    We get dog and cat fancy along with family fun mags, and some more stuff. (No, do not ask why we get so many mags- I am a an easy mark for the school kids who sell the subscriptions).

  2. It's nice to know I wasn't alone in thinking of putting in shelves in the bathroom. Though I haven't done it yet. Want to know what's going on in sports? Sports illustrated, sports page out of the paper, etc... look in our bathroom. And right now it is just a pile on the floor. Shelves would at least keep it cleaner!

  3. One house I lived in had a very narrow half bath downstairs, and we shelved the area about the toilet just for storing extra books. It was certainly a conversation starter when guests came over.

  4. Debbie - Yes, I too am an easy mark for the kids subscription fundraisers.

    VWBug - Well, I don't see as many sports magazines but we do have a few of those too. I guess you could say our bathroom provides a well rounded reading library. (but I hate to educate you on the fact of life, that the shelves are always in the same condition as your bathroom floor) :o(

    Solitarywindchime - Just last night my husband suggested we add inlaid bookshelves in the wall so that he has more leg room to get comfortable. And yes, it IS a great conversation starter in our house as well! :o)

  5. No library in either of ours. We used to have a tissue holder that was also also a magazine rack. It would hold three or four magazines. I'm not sure what happened to that. Threw it out when we moved, I guess.

  6. My tiny post-WWII house has an even tinier bathroom: even a copy of National Geographic would cut severely into the available space.


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