31 December 2010

"I Think In The Day's Resolutions, Not The Years. " ~ Henry Moore

My day's resolutions... 

This year I wish joy, peace and happiness to my family. To my friends. To those who have knowingly or unknowingly touched the lives of my family and I. But most of all, I wish them all the gift of life in every moment, of every day, they still have yet to live...


  1. Happy New Year, Lemonlady! Our best to you, and the entire Lemon Stand family!

  2. Happy New Year to you and all the Lemons!

  3. I'll drink to that!

    Happy New Year, my friend!

  4. Happy New Year to ALL. (Bou, I first thought you wrote Happy New Year to you and all the little Lemons! THAT's what I'm calling the offspring from now on!) :)


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