10 January 2016

I'm Still In New England, Right?

It IS January, isn't it? I'm still in New England, right? It's 57° out here in the middle of nowhere (we live in a neighborhood where most of the neighbors could be considered edible... You can relax though, because we are NOT cannibals.  You may trust me when I say homo sapiens are very safe at our dinner table... Well, ok... homo sapiens are at least safe from being the literal 'roast' of honor.  Most of our neighbors happen to be wild turkeys, wild rabbits, pheasant, deer, moose, bear... although I unequivocally DO draw the line on eating the squirrels... one must have standards...) and it's raining like Noah is coming to visit. Silver lining?  It's a great day to kick back and while listening to the rain, have a cup of hot tea, eat cookies and read, write, sew, quilt, or watch a movie. Or go out to sing in the rain and come in with pneumonia. Ah, choices, choices... :)
QOTD: "Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon." ~ Susan Ertz

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